What’s Up

Welcome to my work in progress (hobby)! This website will be the how-to source for all our friends playing games (i.e. Minecraft & Valheim) on my server.

The Minecraft page is up with links and a guide. From there you will be able to easily get my preferred launcher, mods, and shaders setup on your machine.

The Valheim page is in progress (still need to add screenshots and stuff), but will get you connected with the server and into our persistent world.

Now that Valheim is fully up and running, we’ll be looking to add another game to the server. If you would like to have a vote on what game that might be (WOW, Ark, Factorio, Ect.), then please join the conversation on our discord. We are currently looking at WOW wrath of the lich king to be the next game we add. I’m hopeful that the server can handle at least 3 games at the same time, and if not then maybe we’ll do some kind of rotation. We shall see!