Join our server and help us make our way to Valhalla

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Valheim will be updated and reset soon in order to better enjoy the latest updates to the game. Most of the map had been rendered and couldn’t take advantage of the new content. I am debating rather or not to turn on some of the mods. If you’d like to way in on this, then be sure to speak up in the discord server.

This one is easy.
1) click on start game
2) select your character and press start
3) click on the the Join Game tab
4) in the filter box, just under the list of servers type Blu_
this should limit the list down to just my server Blu_s_Valheim_Server
5) select my server and click Connect
6) fill in the password and press the enter key
to get the password you’ll need to join the discord and then DM
me that you’re wanting join the Valheim server.