MineColonies Minecraft set up for noobs!

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Minecraft will temporarily be offline. When I bring it back, the Minecraft server will be rest to a vanilla (non-modded) version that is updated to the newest main release (not bata or snapshot). You can still use any client-side-only mods you want, including texture and shader packs. If you are reading this and want to keep the mods in place then please join the discord server and join the conversation.

On this page I’m going to tell you how to set up my recommended mod launcher, and walk you through setting up an instance with the correct mod-pack (and a couple of extras that I recommend if your PC can handle them). If you don’t have a Mojang account for Minecraft Java, then please go to Mojang and buy Minecraft Java to set up your Mojang account before continuing here.

If you haven’t joined the discord yet, click here so we can keep up communication even when we’re offline

So lets get started!!

Step 1) Downloads

1.1) Required
Custom mod-launcher:
Note: If you have a different Minecraft Forge Launcher you are familiar with, and want to use, that’s no problem. Just know that I will be of limited help if you run into problems with getting it set up.

1.2) Optional/Recommended
Better/more graphics control
OptiFine HD U G6
Note: after clicking download you will be taken to an add page DO NOT CLICK ANYTHING until the timer in the upper right corner goes away and it says skip. Then click on the skip button. Then on the next page click download to get the mod file.

Awesome shader
SUES Renewed
accept EULA and download
Note: If you want to use a shader file of any kind you will have to use OptiFine or a similar mod in order to load it. See the optional instructions further down the page for more details

If your following this guide completely, then your downloads folder should look like this, with the addition of any other files you have downloaded.

Step 2) Install

2.1) In your download folder, double click to open the GDLauncher-win-setup.exe file if your using window (GDLauncher-mac-setup.dmg for MacOS, or GDLauncher-linux-setup.AppImage for Linux).

2.2) When prompted to select how to setup Java, the automatic setup is what I use. It will download and set up Java for you.

2.3) Login using you Mojang account

Congrats!!! Your custom mod launcher is now ready for you to set up as many instances of modded or vanilla Minecraft as your system has room to store data for.

Step 3) Setting up your MineColonies Official instance, to match the server.

3.1) With GDLauncher opened to the main window click the + in the bottom left corner.

3.2) Click the twitch button in the middle upper area of the popup window

3.3) Open the drop down menu for the version and select “1.16.5”, to limit the mod-packs that will show up

3.4) Type MineCol into the search area and MineColonies Official should jump to the top of the list

3.5) Click on the right end of the MineColonies banner, to go to the description and version selection screen.

3.6) On this screen you can scroll down to see more info about the mod-pack if you would like, but you’ll need focus on the version selection drop down menu just under the header here to move on with setting up your instance.

3.7) Once you have the menu open please click on the version v2.1. (That’s the latest update as of today.)

3.8) Now click on Download in the bottom right corner.

3.9) On the last screen here you can name your instance what ever you would prefer. I would recommend either leaving it as is, or changing it to something like Blu’s server to easily distinguish it form any other instances you may set up later. You can change this later, so it’s not a big deal if you decide you want to rename it later. When your done here, just click the arrow in the bottom right corner.

3.10) Now you’re just waiting for the launcher to download the correct versions of Minecraft, Forge, and the MineColonies mod-pack. Once it’s done, the game is ready to play unless you want to add any other client side mods (I.E. OptiFine), shaders (I.E. SUES), or resource packs (texture packs). If you’re ready to play then go to step 3.11, if not then skip to step 4 and continue.

3.11) When you launch the game it will take a little bit longer to load than vanilla Minecraft, and may give you a “not responding” message. This is normal and just be patient, it will load. Once it loads you will be greeted with message saying that a couple of your mods are out-of-date. You can ignore this by clicking no and move on to step 5 (or step 4.7 if setting up shaders).

Step 4) adding OptiFine and SUES.

4.1) On GDLauncher home screen right click on the instance that we just created and select manage

4.2) On the instance manager screen click on Mods in the left hand list

4.3) In the mods screen click on the folder icon at the top of the window

4.4) In the filer explorer scroll up in the left hand directories list, all the way to the top and right click on the downloads folder and select “open in a new window”

4.5) Now you can drag and drop the OptiFine_1.16.5_HD_U_G6.jar file from the downloads folder into the mods folder. This will add the OptiFine mod to your mod list, and since this is a client side only mod will not interfere with playing on the server. You can close the file explorer windows now.

4.6) We will need to do the rest from within Minecraft, so go ahead and launch the instance we just set up. Refer back to step 3.11 that we skipped earlier then move on to step 4.7 (If not setting up shaders you can skip the rest of step 4).

4.7) Once Minecraft is up and running select options

4.8) Now select Video Settings

4.9) Now select Shaders

4.10) On the Shaders screen select the Shaders Folder button in the bottom left corner of the window/screen.

4.11) In the file explores window that opened up scroll to the top of the directories list on the left side, and then right click on the Downloads folder, like before, and select “open in a new window”.

4.12) Drag and drop the SUES-Renewed-v1.0.1.zip file from the downloads folder to the shaderpacks folder and close the file explorer windows and return to Minecraft.

4.13) Back in Minecraft shaders settings, click on the new shader option SEUS that we just moved. THIS WILL CAUSE THE GAME INSTANCE TO RELOAD AND THEN CRASH. DON’T WORRY, THIS IS NORMAL. Just launch the instance again and move to step 5 to connect with my server.

Step 5) Connecting to the server.

5.1) From the starting screen of MineColonies click on multiplayer

5.2) Next click on Add Server

5.3) You can name the server whatever you’d like, so that it will be distinguished from any other servers you may add later.

5.4) In the Server Address text box just type smc.blucollardad.com then click done. (FYI, I will be adding a creative server at cmc.blucollardad.com soon)

5.5) now you can click on the play button in the icon, or click anywhere on the banner area then click Join Server to jump in!!

If you’re not familiar with the MineColonies mod, here is a youtube video with some tips for you.